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I simplified my small view code, but this is not working. There is a file called small_view at the same location as the xml file. I even got a copy of another application from another developer that uses this snippet and it works for them but not for me (even when I copy the entire application). I don't detect any ajax calls on load to load that file, but the yml:a feature works so its getting parsed.

I need to load some rss content for the application, so that is why I need the include functionality. Does this just not function in preview mode, and will it work live>

  <Content type="html" view="YahooSmallView"><![CDATA[<yml:include params="small_view.php" replace="loading"/> 

<div class="yahoo_promo">
<div id="loading">Loading...</div>
<yml:a view="YahooFullView" class="more_link" >See more of today's stories</yml:a>

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  • Hi jeremy,

    I just ran the snippet you posted and it works for me as well. Most likely the problem is in the small_view.php file - it may not be displaying data or may be returning an error. Can you verify by going directly to the small_view.php file on your server that content is being displayed on the screen and that there are no errors?

    If so, can you please post the contents of the small_view.php file - I'll dig it to it further.


    Jonathan LeBlanc
    Technology Evangelist
    Yahoo! Developer Network
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