yml:form tag contains error

When I put a yml:form tag as below

<yml:form name="homelocation" insert='SubFrame' params="sites/location?main_tab=settings" method="POST">

YAP throws me an error as following

stdin:stdin:459: d="yml-bjjsTa6u-yml-form-mikes" method="POST" name="homelocation" style="onsubmi
WARNING: stdin:stdin:459+300 - 308: unknown css property onsubmit

Any idea? This only happens after YAP is upgrade to 2.1

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  • Checking into this now - stay tuned.

    - Jon
  • I've verified the issue on a test application. The developer mode is producing a warning message about that missing style. I've filed a bug to have this resolved. The good news is is that this warning message is only present in developer mode and not live. Your live applications should not be affected.

  • Thanks Jon for your prompt support :-)

    This issue is not just a warning. It breaks my form and I cannot do a form submit.

    I will wait for the issue resolving then =)
  • Good to know - I didn't realize that this was breaking the form submission process. The bug has been picked up and already repaired, and will go out in our next patch release of the platform slated for early in June.

    Our apologies for the inconvenience of this bug.

    - Jon
  • You can just push it live for temporary solution

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