how do u email people

sad.gif unsure.gif i dont know how to email people. can somone tell me how? blink.gif

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    :(top left corner will see a button that says...compose...hit it and a page will open type what ever you want to say in the body of the page at the top type in the e-mail address that you are sending too. hit the send button..you have just e-mailed!!
  • Do you mean e-mail people within a YAP open application? If that is the case then there is not currently functionality to automatically e-mail an individual from an application. You can use the yml:message or yml:share tags to send messages, but these are user initiated events.

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    QUOTE (Andrew @ May 16 2009, 05:00 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    • Jul 17, 2012
    Hi Jonathan,

    I need to email you some questions, can you email me to this email and then i can ask?

    ty, You already answered a question to a developer.


  • it okay I have no clue ether and am 18 I stink :(


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