YAP, YUI3, and Mail Apps

I'm just putting my toes into the Yahoo app development arena, testing the waters. I use yui3 extensively in my web development work.

Obviously, or so to anyone else invested in yui3, the YAP dependency on yui2.8 is disappointing. I'd rather not (re)learn the old api. Is there any news on yui3 support? I imagine so, given the increasingly high profile of yui3 and the long tooth on the yap release (2.1 released in 3/2010 -- anything newer?), but would really appreciate hearing from the trenches.

Secondly, as I've been using Yahoo mail for my personal mail recently, and am impressed with the new interface, it is clearly crying out for more mail apps. And given the demise of the Pulse "properties" of blog, photo, guestbook, there is even more space for apps that cross between mail and pulse / private and public/social. It is not clear from a perusal of the docs (and I may easily have overlooked something) what if any interaction there is between yap and mail apps.

Finally, I got to the point of writing this note because I was exploring the data api of the mail app, thought I'd check out yap, and hit a wall. Google and Amazon's app services provide substantial data storage services. Where is this missing component in yap?

The usual caveat -- I may have missed something obvious.


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