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<yml:friend-selector uid="viewer" multiple="true" name="selectedFriend" size="5" selected="owner"/>

Can you make yml:friend-selector more friendly in layout? when multiple="true"!

default size="10"
If I have less than 10 friends on my connection, it shows a textarea with few friends and space to make up 10 selection. In short it gives those white space.

If I have friends more than 5, like 7-8, then it shows a textarea that list entire list. Problem is WHAT IF I have 200 friends with multiple="true", my entire canvas view will be showing the entire list of 200 friends.

May be this is error?

It should show 5 selection if size="5"? It should have a scroll bar allowing you to see more scrolling up and down.

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  • Since the yml tags basically break down into html / javascript / appropriate styles, you should be able to style them with custom css to solve this issue.

    - Jon

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