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I am trying to deploy an OpenSocial application using YAP. At this point it is a really simple application that does deploy on MySpace, hi5, orkut and many other OpenSocial containers. Here are my questions:

1) I made a dummy html for the small view no problem but, when I take the (un Caja translated) OpenSocial xml file and supply the URL for the full view ....when I run the preview I get a 405 error.

2) So, I am assuming this may have to do with the fact that I have not done any Caja filtering. Can someone outline the steps I need to take my OpenSocail xml with inlined (is this still a YAP requirement) OpenSocial Javascript and make it work? Where can I go to do the Caja translation.

3) How does deployment into different Yahoo! properties happen? Can this be tested at development/preview stage?


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  • I am not from Yahoo. I'd like to help you after going through the pain in Small View and Canvas View.

    1) Caja is subset of JavaScript. Caja won't help you to clean your XML. You must have included unacceptable tags within your XML. Check Caja Documentation.

    2) Yes external JavaScript and CSS are not allowed on Canvas View. Use this to make your Caja JS http://cajadores.com/demos/testbed/

    Read Documentation here

    3) After you create new application and verify your app, you will be able to access Application Editor to test/preview page.

    Multiple Views

    With each app, you can develop and deploy a "Small view" and "Canvas view". The Canvas view is a stand-alone web page that gives you full freedom to flex your technology muscles. The Small view gets added into existing Yahoo! properties and services when they add your application. We'll start with Small view support on My Yahoo! then add other popular Yahoo! Services in the future.
  • Hi Lynne,

    I am from Yahoo but at least on first sight, this does not appear to be a Caja problem - if your gadget has cajoling errors, you will see those errors from Caja in the FullView window itself when you hit Preview. I think this is a problem with the server hosting your gadget preventing a POST from fetching static files (from example if you're using Apache). One simple way to test if this is indeed the problem is if your server supports php to change your gadget xml file's extension to .php.

    Jasvir (Caja Team)
  • Ahem. That's supposed to be "I am not from Yahoo..." :)Jasvir (Caja Team)

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