New improvements to YAP pushed live!


I’m happy to announce that yesterday we pushed a new release of YAP that contains over 200 bugs fixes!

The goal of this release was to address key bugs reported by developers and rework some of the UI elements of the landing page – performance was as well a key feature of this release.

This new update to YAP addresses the following areas:
New UI: Application landing page has now a brand new chrome!
The landing page in general is cleaner and we’ve bubbled up some of the viral feature like “sharing” in the menu bar so it’s always visible to users.
Permission screen, sharing, notifications, “about this app” have been revamped to match the network standards (pink is the new black)

YML fixes et enhancements:
yml:message can now takes params, enabling developers to customize the experience of users coming from app invites (this was a top request from developers) - this tag will be documented on ydn for all developers to use

Performance: Major improvements in the small view rendering: Your apps should render much faster in My!

Performance: Major improvements in Full page view loading, initial load time of the page has been greatly improved. Performance is an ongoing task for us, so look fwd to even better results in our next releases.

Caja: We've heard from many of view on some of the issues you've faced while coding for caja, we've made some fixes to make things easier (we should have some release notes available soon), look fwd as well to getting some YUI support in an upcoming release!

We look forward seeing what cool apps you develop on our platform,

The YAP Team.

PS: Got some cool apps you want us to check us? Send me a note

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