New YAP fixes and features are now live! (08/2009 Release)


I’m happy to announce we pushed a new release of YAP (1.6) that contains over 300 bugs fixes!

The key goals of this release were to:
  • Support new requirements for the My Yahoo! global launch (coming very soon)
  • Continue delivering a global platform (myapps and landing page now support 35 intls) - Share and message email
  • New developer features and bug fixes to help developer write K-A apps for My!
  • New features for integrations: easier ways for Yahoo! Properties to include YAP small views in their pages, Search WS to trigger app search outside of YAP.
  • Performance: You should notice some improvements in the full view rendering and major improvements n the laoding times of the smallview in My Yahoo!.

There are a couple of key new features for developers, specifically:
yml:include - this new yml tags will enable your small view to triger an xhr request to your server once the host page is loaded so you can present your users fresh content!

yml:message has been improved to enable developers to customize the call to action and the destination URL, we fixed as well so issues that were reported by the dev community (like the to field not working)

Now the details of the release – More than 300 defects were fixed, here are some highlights:
Canvas Pages and MyApps:
MyApps and apps.yahoo.com now support 35 intls
Major perf improvements in the loading of the myapps page
fixed: re permissioned scopes are not translate
fixed: repermission panel is missing css and formatting
inlined-permissioning support for the small view: when My pushes their changes users will be able to permission the app right in the small view without leaving My

new feature: yml:include – enables developers to update their smallview automatically, this feature will be available in My in June
new feature: yml:message now gives developer the ability to pass params in the email call to action
new feature: yml:message – enable developer to change call to action in email template
new feature: share and message template are now available for 35 intls
Fixed: yml:message to param not working
Fixed: YAP does not support redirects
Enhancement: Support i18n parameters on the landing page (lang, jurisdiction, timezone)
Put in place a sandbox for developers to test upcoming changes in YAP: http://preview.apps.yahoo.com/-yourAppId
Support batch appgen requests for yml include
Abuse Flows: make sure Landing page report abuse form supports MyY's GA languages; change report abuse link in appshare/appaction e-mails to point to landing page
Vespa search APIs should not return 'Live' apps, only 'Published' apps: apps will have to be marked as “published” in order to be shown in search results

fixed: YAP setSmallView through HTTP POST is failing signature verification
major performance work done for speeding page loads for myapps and smallview
fixed: yml:include with auto refresh functionality works only for the first time in Yahoo Full view & SmallView
fixed: Permission markup fails to display in Safari
fixed: Unable to setSmallView for a new user and now for existing user
fixed: Updates events in Notification Settings panel shouldn't capitalize datelines
fixed: YAP setSmallView complains about utf-8, doesn't complain about UTF-8 in the Content-Type header
fixed: unhelpful error message: "invalid bridge token" on dev-preview
SetAppData: Integrate Shindig REST Websvcs with mod_yahoo_webservice
SetAppData: Implement OAuthConsumerRequestAuthenticationHandler
SetAppData: Implement Shindig OAuthLookupService
SetAppData: Expose 1 entrypoint for and setSmallView
Setting up YAP for LATAM Expansion Markets (CL, CO, PE and VE)
OpenSocial requestCreateActivity URL field being ignored when pushed to vitality stream
supporting CSS _property and *property in small view
Set user small view produces mojibake when charset in Content-Type doesn't match encoding of the content
yml:userbadge with multiple guids fetches value only for the first guid
yml:include doesn't update div element outside of the yml:include tag
yml:message and yml:share to/subject/body/submit not being pre-populated
yml:include tag does not work in devpreview small view
slow response requests in a batch request affects the well behaved requests.
yml:audio not displaying the player in smallview
unable to use yml:share with friend selector tag to send messages
yml:a tags are not recognized in small view only for a specific code (attached in the bug)
yml:a insert/replace functionality not working in IE6/ IE 7 only on My Yahoo
yml:message tag cannot remove a user that is not a connection that is prepopulated in the message pane
YMLTitle is using undeclared variable $this->innerHTML: Changed to $node['content']
yml:include - Configure max number of polls that an app is allowed to make (requried for my/metro)
yml:include - Pause/play function for yml:include fetches (requried for my/metro)
supporting appshare and appaction template in all languages used by My integration
yml:share and yml:message do not show errors when they can't call Socmsg API's successfully

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