Intermittent issue w setsmallView WS - an update on the problem and an update on YAP.


Some of you have been experiencing issues w trying to set the small view for your apps lately but we've been working hard on fixing the problem - I wanted to take this opportunity to give you an update on the issue and tell you where we're at with out next release.

First, the setsmallview issue - We've found an interim solution for the issue and you should now be able to setSmallview, do note you may get 404s "once in a while"™ if the service is down but the short story is you wont get this issue like last time for a long time period (aka we wont block for 9 hours).

Second, We will be pushing an update by the end of the month (aka very soon - 27 is a nice number) to address this and, our main goal for this release, enable My! to fully support YAP apps. As part of this release we have a couple of cool updates you may find interesting: ability to auto load the small view (welcome yml:include), ability to pass params to the invite flows (so you can customize the URL of the yml:message flows and be notified who clicked on what) and many fixes that have been requested from the dev community (think css positioning for instance ;-) Yes, we will document these new features in YDN though you may hear from here first.

We should post in a couple of days a server where you can start testing your apps with those new feature so stay tuned, I want to let you know as well very soon yahoo users will be able to install and experience your apps in some new places!

Please keep sending your feedback and we're all looking fwd to see what new cools apps the community comes up with these new updates -


Director Product Management - Yahoo! Application Platform

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