How can I get verify Cname?

I have question related to domain verification for yahoo Id creation .
I wanted to use yahoo Id using third party module Gigya .
For gigya socialize ,If we want to mask the domain of gigya socialize.gigya.com with our own domain socialize.mydomain.com .we would do it by creating cname record .I done the same.I have created the cname record aliasing gigya socialize.gigya.com with my domain socialize.mydomain.com .

I have used the same domain to create Yahoo Id to make it work with gigya .Now yahoo gives a message for domain verification :

Step 1:
Create an empty verification file : some-xxxxx.html

step 2:Upload verification File

server to verify socialize.mydomain.com .
URL to check socialize.mydomain.com/some-xxxxx.html

As I can't access socialize.mydomain.com files .I have uploaded the file to mydomain.com .Is it the correct procedure?
Does any one have Idea on such issue
Thank you !

  • AK
  • Sep 19, 2010
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