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My name is Dmitry and I represent the team of developers "Matroshka". We've developed  a social game " The Ranch", which is published  by Shoomly Media Ltd, and now we integrate it to yahoo platform.
In the process of integration, we encountered several difficulties and would like to ask you for help.
In the section for developers, we got acquainted with your system Caja.
After processing by Caja, we have some difficulties with functions responsible for virality and payments. For example, a window with a list of friends and a window with a list of gifts do not  open as it does in "Township".
Question #1: How can we solve this problem within Caja?
Question #2: Is it possible to upload external Javascripts without Caja processing, as some developers do? ( example: http://games.yahoo.com/game/township)
Thank you!

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  • Shoomly, are you still having trouble? A couple of months have passed, but let me know if you are still at it.
  • @shoomly @miki is there a way to do this? I'm having the same issues and can't find any workaround.. so any help is appreciated.

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