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Hi Yahoo Team,

I tried to register my website http://smartgk.com for "Yahoo! Developer API Key".
My Domain verification URL is: http://smartgk.com/ydnmKHLSa.html

But, Yahoo verfication status is failed always.

I tried to do multiple times. I never get success message.

Can someone resolve this issue?

Yahoo Id: smartgk1980@yahoo.com
GMail id: smartgk@gmail.com
Domain specific email: mail@smartgk.com

Thanks for your help in Advance,
Thangaraju Ramasamy

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  • Moving this to the YAP forum

    Hi Thangaraju Ramasamy,

    I think the issue may be with the data you copy / pasted into the text file. I loaded it up and saw the following:

    File: "ydnmKHLSa.html" Url to Check: "http://smartgk.com/ydnmKHLSa.html"

    I would double check the information that the process asked you to input into the file to make sure that is correct.

    Jonathan LeBlanc
    Senior Software Engineer
    Yahoo! Developer Network
    Twitter: jcleblanc
  • There was a recent system upgrade to the verification step that should have resolved this issue - please let me know if you continue to experience any issues with this.

    - Jon

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