Yahoo! launches free Joyent Hosting for YAP developers

Yahoo is very excited to partner with Joyent to launch free hosting for Yahoo! application platform developers! Joyent is offering developers a Launch Accelerator optimized for the Yahoo! Application Platform free for one year!

The Yahoo! specific Joyent Launch Accelerator is a shared platform running on the Joyent Accelerator Cloud. This platform has been configured to make it simply the fastest and easiest (not to mention, most affordable) way to develop and deploy your Yahoo! application. The program has been designed to minimize the sys-admin skills needed to kick-start and manage your web application. There is no need to become or invest time being a sys-admin. All you need to do is code your killer Yahoo application and deploy. The Joyent Launch Accelerator for Yahoo does not give you root access. If you do need the added flexibility of root access please review the Joyent Public Cloud offering.

If you want to get started right away, sign up here!

What You Get

* One Joyent Launch per Yahoo account with a single SSH/SFTP login
* One MySQL and PostgreSQL login with up to 5 databases (in total) allowed, access to phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin tools
* 5 GiB of total disk space
* 100 GiB of monthly bandwidth
* 200 MiB of total memory available, with a 100 MiB per-process limit
* One web URL for your applicaton in the form of <username>.yahoo.joyent.us (includes DNS provided by us)
* 10 ports to run processes on
* Ability to create Cron jobs and define Bootup Actions (SMF services)
* Many, many of command line utilities, editors, version control tools, etc.

We look forward to seeing the successful applications that you create using this powerful new platform.

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