Delicious sample file not working


I'm trying to fetch my delicious bookmarks using Oauth and the dedicated SDK.

I do have my keys, secret, etc. They are entered well in the delicious.php file (in these docshttp://download.github.com/yahoo-yos-social-php-1.0-0-gdb0c17f.zip)

When I go to the delicious page, there is no error, and the Yahoo page asks me to agree, in order to give permissions to delicious. When I click "agree", nothing happens on the page. I can just see in my status bar that url are changing, from api.login.yahoo.com to my site, then again to api.login.yahoo.com

What do you think it could be ?

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  • Is the issue persisting?

    If it is, could you provide me with a bit more detail about the problem?

    When you say "the Delicious page" I assume you're referring to the delicious.php file, and by "Yahoo page" I assume you mean the OAuth authentication window. Are you calling http://api.del.icio.us ?
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