YUI Loading Mask - Creating Scroll bars in the Safari browser.

Hi Yahoo Guys..

Subject : I am facing an critical issue in the Safari.

Let me explain this in detail. we are including one external file through iframe in to PHP page, after the page gets loaded iframe scroll bar is not visible in the screen even though we have given scrolling='no' in iframe inline style. Suppose if we click and scroll the iframe using mouse we are getting an scroll bar.

We have tried so many solutions including Javascript and CSS Hacks but nothing works, finally we suspect that YUI is creating such a problem by removing the YUI Library files for Loading Mask. Now the issue is solved (i.e the scroll bar is not coming) but we need a loading mask inside our page.

Suggest us a nice solution for this. We have included only the files which we have downloaded for YUI Loading Mask from Yahoo site nothing other than that.

Kindly send us a Solution ASAP.

With Regards
Team Mates --- Lovable Yahoo scripts Team.

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