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Check the step 4 and 5. There is some ambiguity on how to refresh the "Access Token" once it expires. Step 4 talks about getting a session handle and a expiry time for that handle (see the table not the response string) but no where that is used in step 5.

Also it has no detials on how long the request token is valid.

Is session_handle analogous to user hash in BBAuth?

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  • Hi Anshul,

    Thanks for your feedback on the OAuth documentation.

    The latest updates to the OAuth Quick Start Guide should show the proper code sample and parameters, which includes information about the oauth_session_handle parameter:

    As mentioned in the documentation, the lifetime of Request Token is 3600 second (1 hour).

    In BBAuth, the session handle is analogous to the BBAuth Token and the Access Token is analogous to the BBAuth Cookies.

    Thanks again for your feedback :)Is session_handle analogous to user hash in BBAuth?
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