Status of Yahoo! social infrastructure?

I had just started a project to build some tools for yahoo mail that would utilize the social apis, like updates, contacts, connections, etc. However, with the recent removal of updates, status, and connections from the yahoo mail interface, the shutting down of Pulse, I'm confused about whether Yahoo plans on supporting social networking as part of the Yahoo! world, or possibly just rely on Facebook integration. For example, there is this recent statement from a Yahoo forum:

As part of Yahoo!'s commitment to creating deeply personal digital experiences, we have been reprioritizing our current portfolio of products, services, and features so that we can refocus on our core strengths in content and personalization at mass scale, and reimagining them into new, contextually compelling, and relevant mobile experiences. After careful consideration, Yahoo! will no longer offer the Blueprint Apps service as of July 7th, 2011.

So somebody is communicating something about the inner decisions. I haven't seen a statement, though, regarding the social connection stuff. There is a general statement issued to users of Pulse / Profile, which hints that the social element is gone:

  • There’s no updates feed.
  • There are two privacy levels: public (visible to everyone) and private (visible only to you).
  • Any profile information you had with the “connections” privacy level is now converted to private.
i is there any hope of a specific statement from Yahoo inner circles regarding the future of Yahoo's social networking tools, apis, and general architecture?
thanks, Erik.

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