Apostrophie and quotation mark transcription problem.

Why wont yahoo correct the technical problem that occurs when apostrophies and quotation marks are typed.  they dont post as apostrophies or quotation marks but instead post as &#38. For example don't will be posted as don&t.  This has been going on for months and the people at yahoo have ZERO
brains not to make the technical correction necessary to solve the problem  or even let the public know they are aware of the problem! Yahoo, Facebook and other social media entities are in way over their heads when it comes to dealing directly with customer problems.  They cant do it.  This forum is unacceptable for most issues.  So why be in business if you cant deal with it and instead run away from people who want to contact you?

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  • Even now the above information didn't post correctly.  Apostrophies and quotation marks post as &#38......&#38.........&#38.  The word don't prints on yahoo update alerts as don&#38t. The problem happens electronically when Yahoo Updates prints comments with apostrophies and quotation marks so I try to avoid using them.
  • It just happened again.  What I posted didn't appear exactly as I typed the punctuation marks before I posted the comment....Why? Why?
    Why? Why? Why?

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