venue search question

hi folks,
Just started with the api and am trying to do search venues by city/state.

Using the API explorer and my browser yields no results :

am I doing something wrong?

thanks in advance,

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  • Hey Chris

    Looking at the docs for this method[1], it would appear that you need to be a little more specific than just "Atlanta". However it would appear that the method is in fact broken. In the project I'm working on something I've come across a few broken methods. This may be one of them - I've just tried it with a GPS fix instead of a verbose location[2] and it's still not working (nor is it working with a radius thrown in either).



    [1] http://upcoming.yahoo.com/services/api/venue.search.php
    [2] http://upcoming.yahooapis.com/services/res...4.4024658203125
  • hi nik,
    hm, too bad
    what other functions are broken?
    have you found the apis workable for your application?
    tia -C
  • Hi Chris

    Sorry for the delayed response. Whilst the majority of the methods are fine, the couple of broken ones around mean I've had to cut a couple of features from the iPhone app I'm building. But I'm nagging the Upcoming folks every so often to ask them to fix them :)-N
  • All,

    We recently had an issue with venue.search where a 'search_text' parameter was required -- e.g., if you just call venue.search with a location and no venue name, you would not get any results. We have actually fixed this issue in our most recent release, so I recommend trying your call again at http://upcoming.yahoo.com/services/api/exp...od=venue.search and update this thread if you see any further issues.

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