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I am trying to make a post request using the following (api key changed) but Im not sure where Im going wrong.


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  • Even I have the same problem and struggling to do this thing in ASP from last 6 days.


    The output of curl shows this:
    C:\curl>curl -d api_key=uuuuuuuuu -d token=b1515fb2c91ed884e15bc5927ddf082d0d65
    58b4 -d method=event.add -d name=test -d metro_id=161 -d venue_id=131308 -d cate
    gory_id=1 -d start_date=2010-03-31 http://upcoming.yahooapis.com/services/rest/

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <rsp stat="ok" version="1.0" >
    <event id="5635369" name="test" tags="" description="" start_date="2010-03-31" e
    nd_date="" start_time="" end_time="" personal="0" selfpromotion="0" metro_id="16
    1" venue_id="131308" user_id="277315" category_id="1" url="" date_posted="2010-0
    3-23" latitude="28.6079" longitude="-81.3929" geocoding_precision="address" geoc
    oding_ambiguous="0" venue_name="11-12 Lounge" venue_address="843 Lee Rd" venue_c
    ity="Orlando" venue_state_name="Florida" venue_state_code="fl" venue_state_id="1
    0" venue_country_name="United States" venue_country_code="US" venue_country_id="
    1" venue_zip="32810" venue_url="" venue_phone="" ticket_url="" ticket_price="" t
    icket_free="" utc_start="2010-03-31 04:00:00 UTC" utc_end="2010-03-31 07:00:00 U
    TC" photo_url=""/>
    </rsp><!-- w1.up.re3.yahoo.com uncompressed/chunked Tue Mar 23 11:33:02 PDT 2010

    Everything is fine but why its showing errror when I post this page in url.

    Thanks and Regards,
  • Hi Hugh and Sereena,

    For the POST requests that you are making, can you make sure those parameters are being sent as post content and not URL params? If it helps, you can paste your code in this thread and I can check to see if they are being sent correctly.

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