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hi all,
I am creating an application for our clients to do a search for the doctors in a particular area or say within 5 miles radius etc...
I want to know if there are API's available for geocoding, Maps and driving directions. Are there any restrictions on those APIs and if the pins are customizable with own text, shape and number of pins in a certain area. one additional thing is if there will be kind of logo or ADs by yahoo that will be displayed in the map and the monthly amount if i want 99.9$% availablity of the service.
your reply will be highly appreciated.

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  • Kahlon,

    Please look at the terms of service for the APIs you are interested in, to determine whether or not they can be used commercially. If you want to ask a specific question about commercial usage, please use the 'contact us' link in the header to send us a message.

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