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I have no problem with Yahoo, and use it for the majority of my communication. What I'm looking for - I want to build a website prototype and then eventually build one for commercial use. I need some advice on how to build, what tools to use, HTML, Java, javascript, etc. . I have programmed in C language and have used XML. I'm looking for a way to develop security/password access, a diagram of an object, that has parts, a way of describing the different parts and some part number associated with them, maybe multiple pages of diagrams with parts labeled which can be added to a shopping basket, so to speak. The parts can be ordered, with credit card or debit card, purchaser will enter address. i don't want to pay a consultant to set it up, i want to learn how to do it myself, but am willing to pay someone to give some directions on how to go about it. I have been in I.T. for 34+ years, mostly IBM mainframe and Unix, but am now working with SQL Server. Is there anyone you can recommend, and can a website be set up thru Yahoo ?

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