Ymail does not work on my phone

I keep getting the following error. (User name/ID and PW do not match) I have tried for three months to find the reason/fix. No one can help me.
All the Verizon techs I ahave spoken with can't help.
I tried the forum and asked the question. I received two very nasty responses.
I could not believe the crassness and the filthy mouths on these people.
Anyhow, I need someone to help me solve this problem.
I am using a Verizon Samsung Omnia with Windows Email (Pocket Email?).
Please send a response to me email; acyducey@ymail.com.
Thank you,

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  • Please go to Help.yahoo.com and choose 'Mail'. If you can not find the answer in the tutorials nor the FAQs, please click the button that says 'Contact Us'. Cheers,

    Robyn Tippins
    Community Manager, YDN
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