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First of all, I hate... HATE the fact that I'm routed around this site in order to find out how to "contact us".  It's like the worst case scenerio as far as websites.  I didn't want to post a question in a blog, I wanted actual customer service, but I suppose that's too much to ask for these days. 

And sorry, I am NOT wasting my time going thru page after page of blog posts to see if there's a chance someone else has posted the same question only in a different form.

My question is regarding the profile pictures.  I go thru the entire process of uploading one of my own (jpg) pictures to use, and even crop the thumbnail, only to have it give me some stupid error message saying you only access jpg files.  Well it IS a jpg file... all of the ones I used were but for some reason, your lame system isn't recognizing that.  The file isn't too big and it is the right format.  So what is the problem??  This has been going on for months.

I hope someone actually answers this post and it doesn't get buried in the sea of blog posts.....

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