Submitting Bugs?

Hello there. New here smile.gif just wondering where to send Yahoo! Mail bug reports.

Reps at mail-classic-errors@cc.yahoo-inc.com are very kind but focusing on my account.

I’m actually trying to report a bug in search functionality that started 3-4 months ago.

It involves simple search queries failing to match message subjects; bodies etc.

The problem is sporadic and so I can only offer so much of my own knowledge to help.

All I’m trying to do is get some simple screenshot PDFs to the right people at Yahoo! .

My hope is that then they can look at their scripts and fix the bug as any other team does.

As simply as I try; offering advice on why I believe it is sporadic I think is too confusing.

But considering that I am using the service to send (quite a few) job apps; it is distressing.

As a long time developer I’m just trying to recognize what seems to be a certain bug.

Thanks for any help,


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  • You can send your pdfs to me. I'll make sure they get to the right team. Thanks for letting us know about the problem. :)Community Manager, YDN
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