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I have just installed and started playing around with the code of BrowserPlus and its pretty great so far. I would like to use the notification feature on my site to notify users when an action occurs? Is there a way to notify a user somehow, perhaps by ip? Without this feature I don't really understand what practical purpose this feature has.

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  • Hi Scott,

    The purpose of Notifications is to give web page authors ways of notifying users outside the browser window. The notifications appear whether the browser has focus or is minimized, utilizing Growl on the Mac and custom code on the PC. This way, a user doesn't have to keep coming back to a web site to check on the latest mail or what not.

    What are your thoughts on how notifications should work?


    Steve Spencer

    BrowserPlus / Yahoo
  • Thanks for the reply!

    The ability to send notification to a users last know ip or chosen ip would be a great feature for my specific website that I am developing and I can only assume for others as well. As far as I know it wouldn't really open up security threats and users could essentially choose notification settings. The reason why this would be a powerful feature is same reason why facebook taskbar and google mail notification as well as countless other websites; it allow for a more seamless web computer experience and in my opinion that will be web 3.0.

  • Scott,

    Something like that is possible now. Understand that BrowserPlus only runs when visiting a web page that uses it. If the user is still on that page, you can have JavaScript poll your website via Ajax and trigger the notification at the time you deem appropriate.

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