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I've tried several times to attach a music file to send to my son but the new Yahoo mail browser plus won't download and attach the file. It is only 3.5mg so its not too large. If I switch back to Yahoo Classic I have no probelms at all. Can anyone help with this issue?

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  • Ray, since we are the Yahoo! Developer Network, we're not the right place to go to for Yahoo! Mail help. We just don't have access to the same things the Mail team does and we don't have all the answers they have either. Please visit help.yahoo.com and click on Mail. There's lots of documentation there that may explain the problem, but if not, you can click on the Contact Us link and they can give you a hand.

    Sorry to hear about your issue though! Hope they can get you help quickly!

    Robyn Tippins
    Community Manager, YDN
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