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We use My Yahoo on homepage and get compatability warnings on vista 64 bit when we click the tab for my yahoo, but it works fine on MSN homepage tab. My daughter, myself, my wife, and my business uses 6 pc's and all have My Yahoo as homepage #1, and MSN #2, when we click on My Yahoo we get compatability warnings, and sometimes it says Internet explorer analyzing problem, then restarting vista 64, then again the compatability window pops up. Weve done all updates at microsoft, and Ive tried downloading the latest yahoo, and My Yahoo, Hasnt Yahoo fixed the 64 bit problems yet??? My Yahoo is so customizable, we can have our netflix feeds, dvd feeds, and almost any business related feeds, So we love My Yahoo, but for the fact we get 32 bit browser, and we cannot get a right download that fixes all on vista 64 bit. It there a fix, that allows us to be fully 64 bit without flags everytime we click a My Yahoo link or tab? If anyone know an easy download fix please send the link. One fix, says install it, a 3rd party, to a certain file. Well thanks but then we are teching and cannot find how to unzip it in that place We are supposed to find ourselves. So Im really surprised Yahoo has Not fixed the My Yahoo and Instant Messengers to allow 64 bit, leading to windows 7 in 64 bit later. I just do not find help anywhere. If we X out the webpage, we get an error, and it analyzes it then says closing internet explorer , and then reopens My Yahoo by restarting it, then it displays a COMPATABILITY ERROR again and again and again. all day. IT does not do that with MSN or any other browser or homepage, only MY YAHOO does it all day. Please send fix and link if any? Thankyou All respectfuly miker3x

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  • Please go to help.yahoo.com and speak to a customer service representative. They should be able to help.

    Robyn Tippins
    Community Manager, YDN
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