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Just in case anyone else encounters the same issue:

Today after allowing BrowserPlus to update the core services to 2.5.1, the function BrowserPlus.FileBrowse.OpenBrowseDialog() completely stopped working on one of my webites (I'm a developer). I tried it on a virtual machine with the same effect: the function worked fine until I allowed it to update the core services to 2.5.1. Adding attachments in Yahoo mail, however, still worked fine, and it uses the same function.

Eventually I noticed in the documentation that there is good documentation for FileBrowse 1.0.1 OpenBrowseDialog(), but nothing for FileBrowse 2.0.0 OpenBrowseDialog(), which prompted me to check which version my site was using. And I remembered that I deliberately hadn't specified a version, to allow it to always use the newest version. When I specified the old version {"service":"FileBrowse","version":"1"}, then my site worked fine once again.

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  • Leo, thanks for the note. We will try to get better documentation and examples up soon.

    The key difference is that FileBrowse 2.0 works in conjunction with the new Directory service. FileBrowse 2 returns exactly what the user selected and doesn't have all the "recurse" type options as 1.0. You can play around and see just what is returned here: http://browserplus.org/explore/.

    It is always best practice so specify at least the version as you show below. Services between versions are not guaranteed to be compatible.


    Steve Spencer

    p.s. If you have a public site, please let us know. We'd love to put together a page that shows BrowserPlus in action.
  • Thanks for that note Steven, and clarifying why it is better practice to specify a version for when using services.

    And unfortunately BrowserPlus is only used in the admin side of my site and not available publicly.
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