Browserplus uninstall = unusable Yahoo websites

I had the problem on my laptop for months that Yahoo mail would not attach any attachments. Making attachments easier, heh?

I got really tired of this, so I decided to uninstall Browserplus. But now all Yahoo websites appear without pictures. In Firefox I cannot even log into Yahoo Mail anymore. It works with IE and Opera, but no pictures are loading and the layout is all bad making all Yahoo sites unusable. The same applies to ALL Yahoo sites, no pictures load and the layout is all wrong. This occurs in ALL Browsers: IE, Opera, FF.

How can I solve this? What kind of program is this Browserplus to cause all Yahoo websites to fail. I just do not understand what is going on. I tried the Windows XP restore point, I have tried reinstalling FF, installing Opera from scratch, but NO LUCK. Yahoo websites are now unusable. Even on this site, the menu (see below) appears at the top and the forums are at the bottom.

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  • Some more info: I was using the new Yahoo Mail.
    Non Yahoo websites are working fine. All Yahoo websites: no pictures, bad layout.
    I have now tried with Google Chrome: SAME RESULT. This is really annoying, will I have to reinstall just because of this? Or maybe I will switch from Yahoo to another company that has products that WORK.
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