BrowserPlus & Uploader Crash on Windows XP SP3?


I am using BrowserPlus on Windows XP SP3 and from Firefox 3.0.(1|5|910). I have implemented an DnD Upload Widget for my web app, that utilizes Uploader (most recent version). On Windows XP SP2 it works like a charm and makes me very happy. Yesterday I released the app to another department, and BrowserPlus each and every time crahes, when someone drops something to the Uploader enabled widget. The difference is that they have XP SP3 installed.

As my widget also has a progressCallback installed, I can see, that the actual upload seems to work or at least the progressCallback is called. But on the serverside I don't get any signifikant amounts of data.

Any ideas? Know issues? Further information required to debug it?

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