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I am using yui library. In that I need to use YUI TreeView. As it says that it supports Adobe AIR, so i am trying TreeView of it. The tree is coming well, but I when i click on any node it is not firing event(i.e. expand, collapse, selected). While when i look the html page in browser its working fine, but it is not working in AIR app(HTML & JavaScript). If you will see there are links expand all / collapse all, these are working fine. But clicking on node is creating a problem.

Pls help me out ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Gaurav,

    Your best bet for getting help on this is to post your question to YDN-JavaScript, which is the official support forum for YUI:


    Keep in mind that, while we have done some baseline testing in AIR and have found it to run YUI reliably, we do not do extensive testing, and you'll find fewer community members familiar with that environment than with the standard A-Grade Browsers.


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