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to the projects and development division ,i think i came up with a idel to help stop scammers ! set up in every crountry it's own yahoo.com ok like the usa yahoo.com and uk yahoo.com yahoo ghana. com and so on ! just that the people have to sign up at there yahoo.com there are too meny fake yahoo profiles out there !i think you should have too give your real name too set up a acount at yahoo.com after all you can get the IP address's if you want right ! and all the records too if you real want ! and if there no good and they are not used get read of them you would a little more space at yahoo if you did ! it just seem like your helping the scammer to ! if all email's did this i belive this may help put a stop to scammers it could not hurt! the places you go to search to see who is scamming you are for the usa it's realy head to find a scammer say in ghana ! i belive if you can set up yahoo's all over the world and by the way yahoo chat can you fix it and the new email ? blink.gif

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