spelling bug in yahoo query language, specifically the finance API

Here's some of the XML output from the yahoo finance api. I obtained this information using the yahoo query language.

<PercentChangeFromYearLow>+51.17%</PercentChangeFromYearLow><LastTradeRealtimeWithTime>N/A - <b>356.10</b></LastTradeRealtimeWithTime><ChangePercentRealtime>N/A - +0.59%</ChangePercentRealtime><ChangeFromYearHigh>-8.80</ChangeFromYearHigh><PercebtChangeFromYearHigh>-2.41%</PercebtChangeFromYearHigh>

Notice the typo that says "PercebtChangeFromYearHigh." The word "percent" is spelled with a "b" instead of an "n." To me, it's absolutely unbelievable that a supposedly production level API would return typos in the XML and JSON data. Hopefully this will be corrected immediately.

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