how yahoo instant search can be safe.

Hi Yahoo i want to give you hundreds of even thousands of reasons and ideas why instant search needs work.
i think i should work for you its serious.

so heres my ideas please send these to the chief of head of what ever.

the idea numbro uno...
no terrorist in a search keyword. your blocked from searching terror sites its in a seprate catatory.
in fact all sites should be in a seprate catogrory.
every site has its own field of work seperate them into a section by section search and divided by the times or hits or dates or misalainacs.
after that sub-divide the video from the images and add creative commons search and full text search inside each search site.
something booleen like if i was looking for a word in a document type crap.
also i want full dvd search for all shopping which means direct searches on movie data so all movies are databased.
and the same for every databased item or object in the world.
third a seprate catagory search for every metaphysical term. sorta the same gose for all different life style searches.
forth a music lyric search and than the huge one.
a full application search for downloads we want direct links not others.
also site connections so we could connect with the sites internal searches.
and also tv and radio online streaming search.

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