boss search - how to get most recently updated results

I would like to be able to use the boss api to obtain a result set of only the most recently updated pages , for example "show all/10/100 most recently updated pages" or "show all pages updated today".

The crucial factor is the recency or freshness of the result being important, regardless of page rank. Obtaining every single result, e.g. "barak obama", and then checking the date param may not even be possible given the size of the results? This would be a much larger processing overhead on both sides than being able to request - "only pages updated today". Or perhaps - "show top 100 date ordered results"

I have read through all documentation I could find but can't see any way of doing this. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Am I missing something obvious here or is this a deliberate omission?

By the way - this isn't intended for sneaky seo tricks or anything, it's simply to allow people to see the freshest content for a particular theme

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