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Hi. Just wanted to say that a small part of why I use Yahoo is because besides the fact that I find it most handy, is that the home page is so endearing. Part of what makes it warm and fuzzy is that you get into the spirit of things with animations around your LOGO name, themed around whichever season it is. Where are your Christmas animations this year? You are always so creative with those, and I was disappointed to see that you've not done that this year... whats the hang up? Please don't tell me its an effort to be politically correct. I'm so tired of people being restricted because they may offend a non-believer. Is IS the Christmas season, for pete's sake. It isn't something new, that we have to try to get people used to. IF That is the reason, than can I at least implore you to make a winter animation?
Your page needs it, and your fans love it.

Wishing you many blessing for the season,

Shelly E.

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  • There appears to be an animation on the logo on the Yahoo! page now - it looks like your wish has been answered.

    - Jon

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