Yahoo should provide more innovative and additional services.

Thanks to the Yahoo.

Yahoo should provide more innovative and additional services. I want to see yahoo as the leading competitor among the other mail service providers cos I love Yahoo. So I think Yahoo should have those services also:-

1. Docs service:
Create and share your online documents, presentations, and spreadsheets like Google Doc.

2. https://blogger.com like Google.

3. http://google.com/analytics/ like Google

4. http://skydrive.live.com/ like live or hotmail.com (Providing free file hosting with 25GB space.)

5. http://google.com/calendar/ like Google which provides free Mobile reminder alerts to many countries.

6. Auto login service or modular should provide to login into Google, Scribd.com, Facebook, Youtube whenever we log into yahoo. (Like open ID)

7. http://googlelabs.com/ like Google for the inbox in classic inbox old version of yahoo.

8. Service like Facebook or auto login to Facebook from yahoo.

9. There should have a tray bar of Icons tray in the main inbox page or in yahoo profile, from where we can easily access more quickly to other yahoo service and also to the Google, Scribe.com, Mediafire.com Youtube or Facebook automatically by provide their respective IDs and passwords securely just for one time that if we do not have to login to different sites separately.

10. There should have a service like Google (Gmail inbox login IP records to know about if anyone else login to my inbox) e.g. [Last account activity: 15 minutes ago on this computer.]
Details like:
Access Type [ ? ]
(Browser, mobile, POP3, etc.) IP address [ ? ]
(Displayed in your time zone)
Browser * 04:55 (0 minutes ago)
Browser * 04:30 (24 minutes ago)
Browser 03:31 (1 hour ago)
Browser 00:48 (4 hours ago)
Browser 22:15 (6 hours ago)

* indicates activity from the current session.
This computer is using IP address

11. There should have a free mail forward service to other mail service providers like Google.

12. There should have media player, PDF file reader and photo viewer as Gmail provides for the attached files comes with incoming mails to Gmail inbox.

13. There should have a free web hosting like Google (at least small space).

14. There should have a URL for the My yahoo page, My yahoo bookmarks and for the blogs written in yahoo profile page or for the yahoo Buzz.

15. Yahoo messenger must have to run in Linux Mint and it should have a portable version in there http://portableapps.com/

Please reply to me if you think that I really want to see that Yahoo is the best.
I will wait for reply from Yahoo and for some comments on my suggestions about what my thinking.

Please reply me at least and sorry for this informal mail or feedback.

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  • Hi deeptears,

    Great feedback, thank you for this. I wanted to touch on a few of these items with some links / info that may provide some insight.

    2. We do have blogging utilities tied into profiles.yahoo.com [see: http://profiles.yahoo.com/blog/compose], but there are many blogging utilities openly available that this tends not to be as much of a company focus. We've worked with Wordpress to build extensions for Wordpress blogs and have a Wordpress application on YAP.

    3. You may not know about this one, but Yahoo! has Yahoo! Web Analytics: http://web.analytics.yahoo.com/

    5. We have a calendar service located at http://calendar.yahoo.com/ which is currently in beta. If you go to Options on that page you'll be able to send updates to a mobile device as well.

    6. Yahoo! is a supporter of OpenID: http://developer.yahoo.com/openid/. We have numerous engineers who are deeply involved in this open initiative.

    7. The majority of our APIs / Services / Projects are located at http://developer.yahoo.com/everything.html. Further to that, these forums and a series of Yahoo! groups offer the discussion mechanism.

    8. Yahoo! also has an application platform: http://developer.yahoo.com/yap/ as well as a profile / connection system like Facebook: http://profiles.yahoo.com/

    9. This type of functionality is tied into the new Yahoo! homepage (left column at: http://www.yahoo.com/trynew) and another application system is located on My Yahoo! at http://my.yahoo.com/

    10. Do you have a link for this feature? I'm not fully sure what this is referencing.

    Those are a few that I can address off hand - I will do some more research and come back when I can say more about your other points. Thanks again for taking the time to put this together.

    Jonathan LeBlanc
    Senior Software Engineer
    Yahoo! Developer Network
    Twitter: jcleblanc
    • T
    • Oct 29, 2009
    Hi, Is there any update on when #10 - Last Account Activity will be available?

    QUOTE (Jon @ Jul 22 2009, 10:23 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    10. Do you have a link for this feature? I'm not fully sure what this is referencing.
  • We'd need a link to that feature as Jon mentioned in his post so that we could see what you are talking about.

    Robyn Tippins
    Community Manager, YDN
  • Right.
  • Can't insert the link because it has my google account info in it.

    However, if you login to Gmail, at the bottom of the inbox, in the footer, it says:

    "Last account activity: 2 minutes ago at IP Details"

    If you click Details it breaks it down further.

    - Madness Maker
  • hmm I'm not aware of that feature being available myself but I can certainly pass it on to the Mail team.

    - Jon

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