Yahoo groups html content suddenly being forced to download

Does anyone know if this is a temporary bug, or a result of a change in policy within Yahoo groups?

Clicking on any of the previously working HTML links to pages hosted in our yahoo group forces the page to be downloaded as a file. Previously it served the page as a normal html page. It's being doing this for roughly a week.

Any ideas what might be going on? The content on our pages hasn't changed in years... and the pages that have changed have had only minor tweaks.

currently stumped.



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  • And when I say, "hosted in our yahoo group", I mean html pages that reside in the "files" section of our site. Previously, group members could direct their browser to these html pages and they would be served as web pages... now, suddenly, they're no longer being served as web pages, and the browser is downloading the page (as if it were a word doc). Any ideas to what has changed? It's happening on all major browsers, and was previously working on all major browsers.

    still stumped


  • Please visit help.yahoo.com for help with Yahoo Groups.

  • Actually that link gave me little to no help. suggestions.yahoo.com/?prop=groups seems to be the area you may have meant.

    Sadly, it seems like Yahoo groups is trying to move away from their built-up online communities that use groups for html hosting. It seems the symptoms I was referring to are a permanent change that no longer allow html content to be served.

    We have dozens of groups, and they're suddenly no longer usable... at least not for their primary reason. Sad... years of hard work without even a warning of a change.


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