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Hello Yahoo! and Thanks for your Improvements and continued efforts to keep the # 1 Web Service on the Earth by word of mouth and from my own personal experience. Yahoo! has yet to fail me., I have failed to continue my college degree from 2003, and I have two children that are more skilled and programmed with the language of the Internet and have training well advanced from when I went to High School.
So my reason to Post a New Topic is to Suggest that Yahoo! offer a Online Educational Course Program Beginning with Computer Basics Level and a Course for using Internet (JAVA) most importantly the language and everything that the "Old School" are behind on and illiterate to!!! I would love to make the most of my Yahoo! and all it has to offer but I honestly don't know how to use about 75-80% of it. When I read things most of it looks like Japanese and I get frustrated trying to figure it out. And just about the time I start to understand how to operate one page or item it changes or they introduce a new item and I spend MORE time trying to re-learn something that I was never EDUCATED properly on with from the start.
I do not stand alone there are others, I have spoke with them and like myself they would rather not even mess with it than trying to understand it. But the Worldwide Web is the Future and we must adjust and I am determined to learn!! Yahoo! R U? I would pay for Yahoo! to teach me how to properly use the computer and internet and all the technology that our lives are ever so rapidly connecting into the Network for it's portal to resources of the Future!
Sure other places offer online courses, there is even a college 8 miles across town, however Yahoo! is right here and doesn't come with junk mails and could provide Quality Education Training for their Web Network and who knows where it could go from there? I have some ideas but I think my BUTT is getting another C.I.S.T., LOL U see I could have learned alot while thinking this suggestion out and typing it up 4 !.,.,fgs

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  • Melgaal,

    Do you mean Yahoo! should teach their users how to use the computer or teach external developers how to use their APIs? This is a board for developers, so I wanted to be clear if this was the right place to post this :)Community Manager, YDN

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