YDN, YQL, APIs impossible to use...

I am trying to use various scripts Y provides.  Read all the documentation (extremely confusing), downloaded many stuff, and, after several days, have not yet been able to use OAuth, OpenID, or get ANYTHING out of anything.
An example:
Downloaded "yos-social-php5 SDK" (zipped).
Read the readme: "Everything you need is in the /scr folder..."
Fine!  Except that the "/src" folder does not exist...

Could SOMEONE draw me a directory tree, telling me what goes where, what needs to be set (ie OAUTH_CONSUMER_KEY etc and where we find them), and give me a simple sample program (php) to run on a browser that just asks a user to log-in to Y!A, then display the profile of that user?
Give me the url of a documentation written in "plain english", and not jumping over hundreds of pages to get completely lost?

I already had a heart attack a few years ago, I am now close to the second...


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