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Hello Yahoo! Development team,

I'd like to suggest putting a check box next to each theater any user has on their favorites list, or any list of theaters, so you could select the check box and then compare only those theaters movies and showtimes. I would also like to be able to simply select the check box for whatever theater or theaters I'm interested in going to and be given an option to print just those theaters and showtimes that I select. I would also like to be able to have a search box at the top of the theaters coloum to find just those theaters that have the movie I'm looking for and or the actor I want to see, then list them in alphabetical order, select and print if desired.
One more thing that has bothered me about Yahoo! Movies, is when I search for an actor, or name of a movie that I don't know exactly how to spell, it just says no such movie or actor. Well, I would like to have it try to find as many suggestions as possible for what I did type in and possibly even correct my poor spelling. I'm not always perfect with my spelling or punctuation, so if you could incorporate a spelling program into the movies database or server, whatever you call it, then that would be very much appreciated!

Thank you for your time and attention,

Sam Huffman / element599

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  • Sam,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Robyn Tippins
    Community Manager, YDN

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