SerchMonkey DataRSS Feed is not valid.


I'm trying to post my DataRSS feed to Yahoo Site Explorer on a following page https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/feeds I enter the URL of the feed for the site and select "Structured data feed" option but it shows that the feed is not valid.
I'm using the example for DataRSS XML from http://developer.search.yahoo.com/help/objects/product
<y:adjunct xmlns:y="http://search.yahoo.com/datarss/" version="1.0" name="YOURID">
<y:item rel="dc:subject">
<y:type typeof="commerce:Business gr:BusinessEntity">
<y:item rel="gr:offers">
<y:type typeof="gr:Offering">
<y:item rel="gr:includesObject">
<y:meta property="gr:amountOfThisGood" datatype="xsd:float">1.0</y:meta>
<y:item rel="gr:typeOfGood">
<y:type typeof="product:Product gr:ProductOrServicesSomeInstancesPlaceholder">
<y:meta property="rdfs:label">Startech Serial ATA Cable - 45.72cm - Red</y:meta>
<y:meta property="rdfs:comment">If you're one of the growing
numbers of PC users with a mini or micro form factor case, you know that
you don't have a lot of room to spare. These right-angle Serial ATA
cables guarantee you''ll be able to plug in your high-performance Serial
ATA 150 hard drives, no matter how tight your space is. With their thin,
narrow construction, these flexible cables improve airflow and reduce
clutter in your case, helping to keep your case clean and cool. And,
like all our cables, they're backed by our lifetime warranty.
<y:meta property="product:identifier" datatype="use:sku">10363780</y:meta>
<y:item rel="rdfs:seeAlso media:image" resource="http://example.com/image.jpg"/>
<y:item rel="product:manufacturer">
<y:type typeof="vcard:VCard commerce:Business">
<y:item rel="vcard:url" href="http://www.example.org/company"/>
<y:meta property="vcard:organization-name">Startech Computer Products</y:meta>
<y:item rel="review:hasReview">
<y:type typeof="review:Review">
<y:meta property="review:rating" datatype="xsd:integer"/>
<y:meta property="review:minRating" datatype="xsd:integer">0</y:meta>
<y:meta property="review:maxRating" datatype="xsd:integer">5</y:meta>
<y:meta property="review:totalRatings" datatype="xsd:integer">3,601</y:meta>
<y:item rel="gr:hasPriceSpecification">
<y:meta property="gr:isListPrice" datatype="xsd:boolean">false</y:meta>
<y:meta property="gr:hasCurrencyValue" datatype="currency:USD">19.79</y:meta>
<y:meta property="gr:hasCurrency">USD</y:meta>
<y:item rel="gr:hasPriceSpecification">
<y:meta property="gr:isListPrice" datatype="xsd:boolean">true</y:meta>
<y:meta property="gr:hasCurrencyValue" datatype="currency:USD">29.99</y:meta>
<y:meta property="gr:hasCurrency">USD</y:meta>
but it is not valid too.

As I understand it should be some header and footer for the feed.

Where I can see full example of valid feed with more then one product?

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