Yahoo needs to improve its maps

I read all the hype about incorporating the 'new and improved' Yahoo Maps into my website and thought I'd check it out. I pulled up 'Maps' and entered a half dozen sites I knew my customers would need. I was surprised in three of the cases to find some fairly important roads missing from the maps altogether. I'll give you one example:

Tyler Blvd in Mentor, OH 44060 has been an industrial mega-road in that city for more than 50 years. The original road ran from Rt. 306 to Rt. 615. Major industrials such as Caterpillar, TRW & Lincoln Electric -amonst others- have or had huge complexes down this route. In the late 70's Tyler was extended across Rt. 615 to continue some 10 miles east.

Yahoo Maps shows Tyler only from 615 East. All of the original 4 lane thruway is missing.

I could see if they miss an occasional country route, or perhaps a little used one lane private route (though, to Yahoo Maps credit, I have found such oddities on maps for areas that aren't well developed) but to be missing major roads that have existed for half a century is unforgivable. That 3 of 6 have missing areas shows Yahoo has a long way to go to match MapQuest (which had 6/6 of the same streets I tried out on Yahoo Maps). The other roads I put in are similarly well-established, well-traveled routes.

I'm sticking with MapQuest in my webpages since I'd like customers to be able to find my business.

Where is it?

As you may have guessed, It's on Tyler Blvd in Mentor, OH.

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  • Oh, and here's an idea to improve the Forums: it would have been great to have been allowed to pick my own screen name. 'B-Kool' wasn't my idea; now I'm being teased by office staff who read my posting as soon as it hit the Forum. [they knew I was writing it as I'd been complaining about Yahoo Maps for some days before Ellie (one of my top assistants) recommended writing the Forum and letting them know we were MIA on Yahoo Maps) 'B-Kool' for a down-to-earth 60 year old man whose sense of humor involves comedy from 30 years ago, and who still wears the same style clothing as he did when Carter was President? My staff's in hysterics. Gee, thanks for that, Yahoo. You made their day.
  • I think I can help you with that :) Click 'reply' to this message and look in the top left-hand area of the post. There is a section that says 'Replying to Yahoo needs to improve it's maps'. Under this is 'Post as: B-Kool (change)'. Click 'change' and you'll be taken to a page that will allow you to change your nickname. This will change how you appear online. Note: It won't change your login credentials, only how your name appears to others. You'll still login with the credentials you usually login with. Hope that helps! ~Robyn

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