New idea (3d night life web site) that will propel yahoo in the social networks arrea

-   The idea is a website that broadcasts live music from different nightclubs/pubs/event around the world while allowing social networking

-   Website name is www.realjetset.com

-   When logging in to the mentioned website and clicking on the name/icon of a specific club/pub/event, the streaming live music played in that club/pub/event would be transmitted and heard live; that is if the place is operating at that time. Additionally, a reproduced version of the interior of the place itself will be reflected in a 3D graphics

-   Each user can create his/her own character (avatar) by selecting it from the existing templates; and the ability to edit details such as eyes, skin, color, height,…

-   The user can chose a spot to place his/her character within the 3D view of the place

-   The user can command actions to be done by his/her character such as dancing, moving, ordering a drink from the bar, sipping it, glancing around…

-   Some commands require a payment (source of income other than ads); such as buying a drink for another character, or sending flowers or some items sold at the bar/pub/club…

-   When many users are within one place, interaction can be applied in several commands such as glances, smiles, frowns, going out for a smoke (outside climate will be identical to the real one) talking (in the case of users with characters standing next to each others)… all leading to a sign of communication

-   The above mentioned leads to a real discussion via online chatting (after interest is triggered, a user can click on someone else’s character to initiate a conversation). The chat space is a box joining two or more users. The box has strings linked to the chatting characters

-   A sub-page can include full profiles of users allowing others to view them or not

-   The above-mentioned allows an approach in many forms: friendship, match/making… Accordingly, groups can be formed to plan and visit other spots

-   Users can post their real world parties/events on their profile pages. Real time photos can be uploaded via mobiles

-   The idea of jet setting is to follow parties through the globe; this web site idea will make it real in the virtual world where when clubs close in certain parts of the world others open in different areas . The www.realjetset.com will reproduce as much clubs as possible from the world to the web where users can hop from one club to another by just one click.

-   Dummy clubs/pubs can be created on the website with no reference to any existing entity

-   There will be a watch on the website (main page) with the earth globe and how the sun positions and lights on it. It will indicate in real time where there is day or night on earth. By clicking on it variant times of the areas are revealed

-   Very simple process of entering the domain, register user, create character and profile and start hopping from one club to another.

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