Hackers in Yahoo Games/Cheats

I have been using yahoo for over 24 years and have rather enjoyed the many features till lately. Now going to play games is frustrating and there is no protection for those that use it for what it is to be used for.

Example: kimberly005007 has done nothing but cause problems in yahoo word game. she is a nuisance and is using a cheater program. she has done nothing but harass people since logging on.

I have sent a few letters to report abuse and find little if anything is done. I am not one to cave into others tirades but this is going beyond. This person follows me and others in word game, uses the cheater program and stays there. If we leave they come. They needs to be a way to protect those that are not cheating to log into games to enjoy the privileges that yahoo has offered us all these years. If not it will sadden me to leave to either hotmail or another e-mail network. Is there a way we can add to the names or INGAME Report abuse button? Or an easier way to mail you to report abuse with a quicker response. Even an easier way to kick someone that is being a nuisance from the game would be great. I have tried many things even creating private games and they still follow.

To all those who have stuck by you and been dedicated for many years it would be a wonderful service to add.

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  • Hi Marissa,

    I appreciate your concerns with the Games product, but within YDN we support the developer products at the company and don't control the content / flow of products such as Games. I would suggest bringing up your concerns directly to the Games team. You can find their contact information here: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/games/

    Jonathan LeBlanc
    Technology Evangelist
    Yahoo! Developer Network
    Twitter: jcleblanc

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