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[size="5"][/size]Hello to everyone who is reading this, i have to say something that must be said! Fat people deserve an emoticon tooo, and i think its about time to make it official. I have made some faticons (fatface emoticons) that i plan to submit to Yahoo! but they wont just listen to me....so if u like what u see, comment and voice your opinion, because i can get enough people to argue for it...Yahoo! might take us seriously and make them official to use in chat. And if u think there should be some also, do what im doing and start a forum, get peoples to agree, and fight for the fat!!!

Here are some samples:

tongue.gif) biggrin.gif) smile.gif) >:|) ohmy.gif) :X) X]) :[)
Fat Stupid Smiley Fat Happy Fat Angry/Annoyed Suprised Fat My Mouth is Another Smiley Sad Fat
Fat Shut Fat Fat

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  • Thank you for the suggestion, it's definitely an interesting one that I have not thought of before. The messenger team is probably the group that you would want to target though. Their contact information / help section is located here: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/messenger/

    Jonathan LeBlanc
    Technology Evangelist
    Yahoo! Developer Network
    Twitter: jcleblanc

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