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Another reason why yahoo sucks and is losing subscribers is because when you post a comment on a front page article you can't view any updates or even your own comment because it automatically displays the oldest comment first. So, now to continue my conversation and read replies to my comments I must sift and trudge through 50 pages of comments. No thanks. Instead why don't you idiots simply put the most recent comments first? It's not hard guys.

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  • Why would you actually want to review replies to comments? 99% of the time you are going to get trolled by either. 1) a racist 2) a foreign propagandist 3) a terrorist supporter... anyways. Yahoo! SUCKS!!! The moderators don't give a shit what is said and they don't even moderate the comment sections let alone take flagged comments reported as abuse of their own Terms of Services. They need to fire that hypocrite Marissa Meyer and hire a REAL CEO to run Yahoo! I personally am making the transition to where all my needs are going to be covered by Google+, seeing how nobody @ Yahoo! wants to do their damned job. Yahoo has become the laughingstock rag website of the social media crowd. Visit any of the top 25 social media news websites and mention Yahoo! as a reference to something that you read on this website and watch how fast YOU become a laughingstock of that social community.

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  • I have a VIZEO with Yahoo app store. Why is there no search. Why can't I get PBS? I can get it on ROKU. I'm going to have to hook my ROKU to my smart tv just to get stations that Yahoo Apps doesn't seem to have. I don't understand this.


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