What does the presence api affect?

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I have read through the documentation and I am still unsure exactly what "Yahoo Social" and more specifically, the "Presence" API is. Does "Yahoo Social" affect Yahoo profiles (ex: members.yahoo.com/username), or Yahoo 360, Yahoo Personals, Yahoo Messenger, all of the above?

I assume it's Yahoo profiles, since that's what it says, but Yahoo shut down the profiles and they are still in "beta" and well hidden from the main webpage. Y!360 seems to still be the main focos of Yahoo's social networking, but the two profiles do not share information (?)

I basically want to update a user's Yahoo profile status (whichever one Yahoo plans on sticking with), and preferrably their Yahoo instant messenger status. If this presence API does not update the Yahoo messenger status, is there one that does?


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  • And can anyone tell my why the topic starter says "¤ IDIOT ¤" on this post?
  • Adam,

    Woh! I've never seen that before. While that would be a funny easter egg from the forum developer, it seems to be something associated with your Yahoo! ID.

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