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For enhancing newspaper articles I'm seeing some behaviour of the API that can be improved by some input adjustments.

Normally I would send an entire news article to Yahoo (+- 1000 words), but with the following text enhancements it improves the results:

1. News articles write placenames with a capital letter. Like 'New York' and not 'new york'.
Testing with the following sentence: "Drachten is a village in the Netherlands" without any optimization:

{confidence:9, weight:1, woeId:23424909, name:Netherlands, matchType:0, type:Country, centroid:{latitude:52.1082, longitude:5.32986}}

And now with optimization ("Drachten Netherlands"):

{confidence:10, weight:1, woeId:728824, name:Drachten, Friesland, NL, matchType:0, type:Town, centroid:{latitude:53.1029, longitude:6.09856}}

2. Universities usually have the placename in their title "University of York"
Sending the entire sentence to Yahoo results in 0 results.
But adding the name of the city to the input again results in ("University of York York"):
{confidence:9, weight:1, woeId:23702141, name:University of York, Heslington, England, GB, matchType:0, type:POI, centroid:{latitude:53.9459, longitude:-1.04607}}

There are probably more optimizations and if anyone knows them please share.

A quirk:

"Athene" gives no results and "Athene Griekenland" (Dutch) reports correctly

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  • And also it prefers US places above countries, "Georgia is a country"
    {confidence:6, weight:1, woeId:2347569, name:Georgia, US, matchType:0, type:State, centroid:{latitude:32.6783, longitude:-83.223}},
    {confidence:1, weight:1, woeId:2409711, name:Georgia, IN, US, matchType:0, type:Town, centroid:{latitude:38.7121, longitude:-86.5839}},
    {confidence:1, weight:1, woeId:2409712, name:Georgia, KS, US, matchType:0, type:Town, centroid:{latitude:37.6303, longitude:-98.009}},
    {confidence:1, weight:1, woeId:2409713, name:Georgia, LA, US, matchType:0, type:Town, centroid:{latitude:29.8403, longitude:-90.9883}},
    {confidence:1, weight:1, woeId:2409714, name:Georgia, NJ, US, matchType:0, type:Town, centroid:{latitude:40.1862, longitude:-74.2858}},
    {confidence:1, weight:1, woeId:2409715, name:Georgia, TX, US, matchType:0, type:Town, centroid:{latitude:33.7606, longitude:-95.8281}},
    {confidence:1, weight:1, woeId:2409716, name:Georgia, Hartselle, AL, US, matchType:0, type:Suburb, centroid:{latitude:34.4533, longitude:-86.9301}},
    {confidence:1, weight:1, woeId:2409718, name:Georgia, VT, US, matchType:0, type:Town, centroid:{latitude:44.7271, longitude:-73.118}},
    {confidence:2, weight:1, woeId:23424823, name:Georgia, matchType:0, type:Country, centroid:{latitude:42.3115, longitude:43.3658}}

    The country gets a confidence of 2 and the state a confidence of 6

    Therefore I must disable autoDisambiguate for every request I make and thus use more bandwidth (roughly 4 times more on average)
  • 'Schoorl' is not recognized, but 'Schoorl, Netherlands' is. Like Athens there is no other place named like this. So for some reason it is filtering these results
  • By removing all lower case words from the text it sometimes happens that "Nederland Nederland" is in the text. This is just a repetition of the country name, but Placemaker thinks this is a province in the Netherlands called Overijssel.

    {confidence:8, weight:1, woeId:731866, name:Nederland, Overijssel, NL, matchType:0, type:Town, centroid:{latitude:52.7558, longitude:5.96283}}

    It only does this if Netherlands is in Dutch, works correctly in English.
  • Another one:

    "Nieuw Zeeland" (New Zealand) is not recognized in a full text, but "Zeeland" is also a province in the Netherlands, so it should be able to match one of these places. With autoDisambiguate=false and the text "Nieuw Zeeland" it only finds the country and not the province.

    I think I can find a lot more ;)
  • Sorry I just read the last line of the Welcome message and I didn't post all things in seperate items. Will make new ones next time
  • Thanks for your feedback, we will try to correct some of these issues.

    1. "Drachten is a village in the Netherlands"
    When we "merge" two locations we take the number of words between them into account.
    Contrast with "Drachten in the Netherlands" - here we return the merged result.
    We will, however look into why we omit a separate "Drachten" result in your first query.

    2. "University of York" and "Athene"
    -Our statistical evidence suggested that these terms on their own are not significant enough to be a location. They only "merge" when you pass in a disambiguating location next to it. We will look into this.

    3. "Georgia"
    - our statistical evidence gathered indicate that it is mostly used as the US state.

    4. 'Schoorl, Netherlands'
    -Yes, same reason as in 2. above. We will look into it.

    5. "Nederland Nederland"
    -Don't remove lower case entities. You are effectively throwing away evidence, so we find a town called Netherlands in the country Netherlands. What would happen in a made up example: "New clothes sale York" -> you transfor this to "New York" which is what we will match against.

    6. "Nieuw Zeeland"
    -I don't agree: "Nieuw Zeeland" certainly seems a better match than "Zeeland". Autodisambiguate only has disambiguates between places with the same name (in this case only 1, "country"). This happens after we recognised the location part "Nieuw Zeeland".

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